PAGB as an organization has served Boston and the surrounding communities for 30 years. over the years we have held many events cultural and others, all in the best interest of the Pakistani community. We are very proud of our our achievements. 
We strive to bring the community to gather, and encourage you to join this organization. 
If you have any great ideas please do share with us!

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75th Independence Day Celebrations

August 14th, 2022

A beautiful community celebration of Pakistan's 75th independence anniversary! 

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PAGB held a Covid Vaccine Campaign which was put together  by Shabana Chaudhry, PAGB Vice President, who wanted to make a difference  at a time when the vaccine supply was very limited ,and was not readily available to may people.PAGB held a vaccine camp at ICNE Sharon on May 22nd 2021 and June 12th 2021. This was open to all in the surrounding towns of Sharon Canton Stoughton Foxboro, and the event was well received by the schools and public health departments in the respective towns. Hundreds of teenagers and adults were vaccinated. The event was on three news Chanels WBZ, CBS and Fox 25!! A Big thank you to ICNE for this collaboration! In addition would like to thank the following; Sharon Public Schools, Stoughton Public Schools, Town of Canton Public Schools Health Department Town Of Sharon, Canton Health Board, Stoughton Health Department. And all the doctors, pharmacists, and others who volunteered their time!


PAGB Vaccination Camp; News in Pakistan Link:

Sharon, MA : After the successful COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic held on May 22 at the Islamic Center of New England, Sharon (ICNE) - spearheaded by Shabana Chaudhry, Vice President of PAGB - the second dose COVID vaccine clinic held on June 12 was held equally effectively, if not better. It was evident that PAGB's team of young volunteers had picked up exactly where they had left off on May 22nd...

PAGB Vaccination Camp; Article Lokvani Magazine:

Families came from near and far to Sharon, MA accompanied by their children especially those over 12 years of age, with their shirt sleeves rolled up eager to get their first shot...

PAGB Visa Camp; Article in Pakistan Link:

Wayland - 6/6/2021: Pakistan Association of Greater Boston (PAGB), in collaboration with Consulate General of Pakistan, New York and the Pakistan Consulate Boston, held a Consular/Visa Services Camp for the Greater Boston American-Pakistani community at the Islamic Center of Boston (ICB), Wayland, over the weekend of June.... 

PAGB'S 30th ANNIVERSARY &FAIZ AHMED FAIZ; article Lokvani Magazine:

The event titled 'Lab Azad HeiN' to coincide with the 36th death anniversary of the legendary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz was recently held with artists from Pakistan, India, Dubai and Canada...

Pagb Faiz Ahmed Faiz event; article in Aman ki Asha:

Spearheaded by recently elected president Siraj Khan, a longtime Aman Ki Asha supporter and contributor who has curated and designed several live events around Hindustani music and poetry, we decided to celebrate PAGB’s upcoming 30th anniversary in conjunction with the death anniversary of the legendary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz.. The event, titled ‘Lab Azad HeiN’ (Your Lips are Free.. 

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PAGB Visa Camp

PAGB held a visa camp at the Wayland Islamic Center.The Pakistan Consulate provided counsular services to hundreds of people.


 THE LIFE SAVING PORTABLE VENTILATOR The whole world has suffered due to the covid-19 pandemic. Millions of lives have been lost. In Pakistan even without the pandemic we have seen people die because of lack of proper emergency care. T he Umbulizer is a US FDA authorized portable and affordable low-cost live-saving ventilators - about 10% of the normal cost of ventilators available. More than that Umbulizer devices are easy to use, almost anyone can be trained to use it and can be repaired locally in Pakistan. PAGB has partnered with Umbulizer and with a few other local organizations to raise funds. Thanks to the generous donations, we were able to donate several Umbulizers to the Rescue 1122 ambulances in Punjab. The Umbulizers were very well received in Pakistan and are actively saving lives every day!! 
 We cannot make the worldwide COVID pandemic go away, but we can turn our Ramadan season into help financing low cost lifesaving ventilators and send them to places where people and children have been identified as most vulnerable. For the purpose of this unique initiative for Pakistan, Umbulizer is doing a 60-40 matching grant where donors would be contributing only $2,350 (Rs 4 lakh) and Umbulizer will be covering the remaining cost and shipping. Our belief is that through this partnership we can maximize device deployment in ambulances, hospitals across Punjab, where portable ventilators today are non-existent. All donations tax exempt AT $2350 PER VENTILATIOR YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN A 60-40 MATCHING GRANT TO HELP CRITICAL PATIENTS IN PAKISTAN
A lot still needs to be done.
Currently, even in major cities like Lahore , with a population of 11M people and 700 emergencies daily are equipped with only two ventilators. Hence, if the ventilator equipped ambulance is busy, which it is 99% of time, patients in need are left waiting for proper care. Here are some on the ground numbers from Pakistan.